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Euro Tech make energy saving Servo Plastic Injection Molding machines on latest technology using most advance machining centers.Euro Tech also is Original Equipment manufacturers for Japanese make and their Aotai machine is being exported to several European markets like Italy & Austria and other international markets. Euro Tech day by day becoming very famous brand in India.

Euro Tech machinery has entire range of 80 to 750T of Plastic Injection molding Machine.Euro Tech machine is dedicated to India market without compromising quality parameters which you can judge from the Element of machine and specifications matching with Japanese & European Standard.


Euro Tech 80 ton servo based injection molding machine is almost equivalent to 100 ton machine of all other competitive brands. Our machine offers energy efficiency, reliability, precision, and product versatility along with best quality. Euro Tech machine is designed to meet indian market standard without compromising quality parameters and specifications matching with Japanese & European Standard.

Screw Type Unit A B C
Injection Unit
Screw Diameter mm 30 32 35
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 23.5 22 20.1
Shot Volume (Therretical) cm3 117 133 160
Injection Weight (PS) g 106 121 146
Injection Rate g/s 71 81 97
Injection Pressure M Pa 230 203 170
Screw Spped rpm 225
Clamping Unit
Clamping Force KN 800
Open Stroke mm 320
Space Between Tie-Bars
(W x H)
mm x mm 360 x 330
Max Mould Height mm 350
Min Mould Height mm 150
Ejector Stroke mm 90
Ejector Force KN 30
Max Pump Pressure M Pa 16
Pump motor power KW 11
Heating Power KW 6.8
Numbers of Heating Area Segment 3+1
Machine Dimension
(L x Wx H)
M 3.9 x 1.19 x 1.77
Oil Tank Cubage L 180
Machine Weight TON 2.8


1EuroTech machine is from the OE manufacturers of Japanese & Italian brands & presently being manufactured and exported from Thialand.
2Auto Lubrication of toggle
3PID heating controller
4Hydraulic ,Electrical & Mechanical Mold Safety


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